Sweet Potato Empanadas

Sweet Potato Empanadas


  • Glenny on

    Hi Maureen,

    Thanks for reaching out! This recipe will yield 12 empanadas.

    Happy cooking!

  • Maureen Murray on

    Can you provide an approximate yield for this recipe please? (how many “each”). Thank you!

  • Bernadette Powell on

    I made these with butternut squash. Next time I would use half the cinnamon because it’s a bit overpowering for my personal taste.

  • Laurie Mackenzie on

    I made a gluten-free and vegan version of the sweet potato empanadas, using a pie dough recipe from Alana Taylor-Tobin’s Alternative Baking book. Just had one for breakfast on the Dia de Los Muertos. Delicious!

  • Sharon Redgrave on

    These sound amazing! And since my husband is not fond of pumpkin, I will serve these as part of Thanksgiving dessert! Thanks for the recipe!

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