Mexican Chicken Adobo

Mexican Chicken Adobo


  • Andrew Purcell on

    I made a double recipe with chicken leg quarters and it was incredible. Stove + oven method and served over rice. This is going to be a new favorite!

  • Sean on

    This dish was absolutely fantastic. It reminded me of a not-too-spicy Chicken tinga. We used 3 chiles instead of 4, because we were worried about the spice level. I’m happy to report that 4 is definitely the right amount. Our sauce definitely could have used the extra body and kick from that fourth chile.

  • Amy on

    I made this chicken adobo with the Coconut-scallion rice from Anson Mills and it made one of the genuinely most delicious tacos I have ever eaten. I have already recommended this recipe to nearly everyone I know, it was so simple and is sosososo good! Wow.

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