Chickpea Sumac Salad

Chickpea Sumac Salad


  • Lisa K on

    Thank you for the great vegan recipe! This will be a perfect addition to bring along to summer concerts in the park! I can’t have chili powder so I just omitted it and used a date syrup since I could not find my pomegranate molasses. It’s delicious on its own, but I’m thinking that I’ll try it in a whole wheat pita next.

  • Valeria on

    I noticed the comment about sugar in pomegranate molasses syrup and knowing that it is not what we think of syrup usually where the fruit is preserved in a sugar syrup, rather it is extracted from the pomegranite and no other sugar is present. In fact there are anti diabetical properties of pommegranite molasses.. so I wanted to share the study in Lebenon with you… It is a different way of thinking of this wondeful ingredient similar to fruit having fructose but is offset and naturally balanced with the fiber and all antioxidents that products with fructose dont have….I do think though it is probably as far as sugar simailar to balsamic vinegar…

  • Alex on

    Such a great dish!! I just used canned chickpeas in a bit of a rush and it turned out great. Served over rice as my lunch throughout the week

  • Robert Marshall on

    Made this yesterday evening. For some reason I was out of regular chili powder so ended up using your Allepo Chili instead. Just a touch of heat, which was nice. Also, used Meyer Lemons from my yard, which are not nearly as sour as normal lemons.

    Turned out really nice, and would go good with some kind of Middle Eastern chicken dish.

    Just had some more for dinner tonight. The onions have softened over night, and the beans seem to be a little firmer after sitting in the fridge over night. I also think that more dressing would be helpful if this is going to be kept overnight.

    As is, I’d give it a 3.5/5, and will probably make it again, though i’d cut the batch in half since I’m generally only cooking for myself.

  • Marilyn on

    This salad is SO GOOD! The onions really need to be thin. I’m going to try the grater next time. I have been enjoying it all week and love it with a dollop of cottage cheese.

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