Korean Ground Beef Bowl

Korean Ground Beef Bowl


Korean Ground Beef Bowl

Korean Ground Beef Bowl


  • Andrea Dornbusch on

    This spice blend and recipe are FANTASTIC!! My whole family loves it, even my picky eater! So happy I came across this recipe!

  • Mary Hill on

    Just tried this recipe last night with brown rice and Anne’s suggestion of using Impossible “Beef” and steamed broccoli. Misread the recipe to say 1 to 5 Tablespoons of Korean BBQ blend and ended up using 3 Tablespoons with my 1lb of Impossible “Beef”. Spice level was perfect and the meal delicious — the whole family loved it! And it was easy and fast — definitely going into rotation, and will use whatever vegetables we have — would be great with sautéed red pepper, and definitely mushrooms as Anne suggested. Thank you!!

  • Anne Marshall on

    I’m excited to try this dish this weekend, with some tweaks: Impossible “beef,” brown basmati rice, steamed broccoli and julienned carrots, sauteed shiitakes, and gochujang sauce sted sesame oil. Thanks so much for this product and this recipe!

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