Persian Lime Curry Rice Salad

Persian Lime Curry Rice Salad


  • barbara spector on

    Don’t use pomegranate molasses. It will ruin the rest of the flavors. Use red peppercorns instead.

  • Heather on

    This is absolutely delicious. I ended up putting more garlic and ginger than the recipe called for (can’t go wrong with that!) and substituted Italian parsley for cilantro because I’m not a cilantro fan and I loved it. This would also be great with goat cheese or feta crumbles on it.

  • Kirk on

    Hi Sharon,

    Sorry to hear you can’t get pomegranates where you live. We wouldn’t recommend putting pomegranate molasses in the dressing because that might change the flavor too much. It seems like the pomegranate in this recipe is there for a pop of sweetness and acidity, with that in mind I’d recommend subbing another fruit, maybe quartered cherries or a similarly tart fruit.

    Oaktown Spice Shop | Customer Service

  • Sharon Redgrave on

    Hi! II would love to try this recipe, but where we live it is IMPOSSIBLE to get pomegranates, but I have pomegranate molasses. Do you think I could sub some of that in with the dressing for some of the sugar? I realize it will change the texture of the dressing, but it would give that hint of pomegranate flavor. Thanks for your time! Best, Sharon

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