Eat Your Veggies! Gift Box


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The perfect gift for someone looking to add flavor and fun to vegetable-based dishes. Whether they're roasting, sautéing, grilling or making a soup or curry, veggie-lovers will delight in these four spice blends.

The Erbe Italiane di Lusso is a twist on the classic Italian Herbs seasoning. Add to pasta sauces, soups, salad dressings, eggs or breading.

The Madras Curry Powder blends the flavors of Madras for a balanced sweetness of cinnamon, cardamom and fenugreek and a touch of cayenne heat. Use in recipes calling for curry powder or in marinades with lime or lemon. Add pizzazz to tuna salad or roasted potatoes.

The bold and bright Santa Fe Chili Powder features New Mexican Red Chiles and diced jalapeño, making it spicier and a touch fruitier than our standard chili powder.

The Eastern Mediterranean Spice is a Turkish-inspired blend. It's delicious for seasoning Mediterranean-style lamb, eggs and seasonal salads. Whisk it into dressings, sprinkle on potatoes or veggies before roasting or use it to season salmon or shrimp.

This set includes 1/2 cup jars of Erbe Italiane di Lusso, Madras Curry Powder, Santa Fe Chili Powder and Eastern Mediterranean Spice and is packed with cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. It also includes recipe cards for Chickpea Sumac Salad, Madras Coconut Curry with Lime and Tofu, and Mediterranean Lamb Kofta.