Moroccan Tagine-Inspired Fish Stew

Moroccan Tagine-Inspired Fish Stew


Moroccan Tagine-Inspired Fish Stew

Moroccan Tagine-Inspired Fish Stew


  • LaurieAnn Lepoff on

    We were looking for a bouillabaisse spice mix, which they didn’t have, so we decided to try this instead for our anniversary dinner. It was so good we made it again with chicken for our first “because now we can” small dinner party. We eat a lot of veggies, so we added a bunch more vegitable variety to both dishes and it was a huge hit both times. This one is a winner!

  • Jon on

    Switched out the olives for capers and went half and half with potatoes and cauliflower. Also added some white beans and kale. Turned out great. The acidity was a bit much but a 1/4 tsp of baking soda added at the end balanced it out. Flavors are outstanding :)

  • Lisa on

    It is also a great rub for fish cooked in parchment paper with orang and olives.

  • Traci David on

    This was a great recipe. I didn’t have the Tagine spice blend but used your Omani black lemon—I left out some of the lemon called for in the recipe. Will have to try the Tagine blend soon!

  • Sandy on

    I received “Moroccan Fish Tagine” spice blend for a Christmas gift along with the recipe. I made it tonight and Oh Yum. It is very interesting and I like it. I would love to browse your shop when such things are allowed again.

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