Persian Lime Curry Chicken

Persian Lime Curry Chicken


Persian Lime Curry Chicken

Persian Lime Curry Chicken


  • Hannah on

    So great to hear it, Mike!

  • Mike Pierce on

    Your very helpful staff gave me the recipe card, and my wife and I were both blown away that a recipe so simple could be this great.
    Seriously, this blend is ridiculously great.

  • Alice on

    This Persian Lime Curry Rub has such an intense flavor! It’s absolutely delicious. I cooked the chicken a little longer because I wanted it to fall off the bone. I may add lemon slices & small green olives next time I make it. I found the curry rub to be nicely balanced.

  • Dale Kitagawa on

    I followed the directions exactly and this was so easy and delicious! My other half is a picky eater and he approved! This recipe is going into my “save” binder of recipes.

  • linda nelson on

    Oh my..this is way too easy to be so good ! Rather than add it in with the braising liquid, I sauteed the garlic in the oil and browned the chicken on top of the caramelized garlic . After I browned the chicken, I made sure the skin side faced up and carefully poured the braising water around the chicken to avoid washing the rub mixture off. The result was a crisper skin and darker color than in the photo. Bonus: the braising liquid reduces to a rich sauce for rice or potatoes.

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