Japanese Chicken Curry

Japanese Chicken Curry


Japanese Chicken Curry

Japanese Chicken Curry


  • Melissa on

    I have made this recipe at least five times in recent months. It’s a hit! The Japanese Curry Powder is my favorite Oaktown Spice product now. This recipe comes out well every time. Chicken, onions, carrots and potatoes are a must, but I also add other things I have lying around. Perfect with plain steamed rice.

  • Jon on

    Absolutely delicious! Needed a decent amount of salt in the end. Don’t skip that step! Hubby was very happy with this one :)

  • Wendy on

    Great recipe! I agree with Darren about the just enough heat to keep it interesting. I’ve always wanted to attempt Japanese Curry at home, but didn’t want to use the curry bricks found in Asian markets.

    For my taste, I recommend having an additional cup of chicken broth on hand in case the sauce gets a bit too think.

  • deb on

    one of my favorite spices from oaktown.
    any recipe it’s used with makes it so much better!

  • Darren on

    This curry recipe did not disappoint. I’ve had many a Japanese supermarket curry brick. Never again! Just enough heat for me to make it interesting. Great depth of flavor. Spice blend was very fresh and distinct. Gonna riff on this tonight with a veggie curry!

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