Introducing Single-Origin Spices

Introducing Single-Origin Spices

We are excited to introduce our new Single-Origin collection, a special line of hard-to-find spices with their own unique stories and provenance.

Each single-origin spice comes from a single place, whether it be a single farm, a small network of family farmers, or a small group of traditional foragers.

The line includes five new products and a few that our regulars will recognize. We hope you enjoy these fabulous spices on your next meal!

Single Origin Collection

Single-Origin Cured Sumac

This sumac from Gaziantep, Turkey, is chopped fresh and packed in salt to preserve it, creating a bright, sour and salty flavor. Sprinkle on grilled meats, vegetables or salads or infuse in a beverage.

Single-Origin Pemba Cloves (Organic)

Cultivated by artisan family farmers in Zanzibar, these hand-picked flower buds have a much higher volatile oil content than those grown elsewhere. Sweet and spicy with tropical flower notes.

Single-Origin Silk Cut Chile Flake (Organic)

Grown in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, this delicately (silk) cut chile flake is bright, sweet and pleasantly hot. It also has a distinct fruity flavor and slight smokiness.

Single-Origin Wild Mountain Black Cumin

Our black cumin (also known as kala jeera) is harvested by foragers in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains. Savory, aromatic, warm and pungent, this black cumin is prized in central and south Asia and is rarely found in the United States. Use it in biryanis, curries, vegetables and breads. 

Single-Origin Yellow Cardamom (Organic)

Grown on a single estate in the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, yellow cardamom is fully ripened, imparting sweet, tart, grassy flavors. Perfect for ice cream and cakes.

Single-Origin Kampot Black Pepper (Organic)

The flavor of Kampot pepper is truly special, with light, sweet citrus notes, a touch of roasted coffee and a lingering pepper finish. Pepper has a long history in Cambodia, dating back to the 13th century.

Although the country's pepper production was decimated during the Khmer Rouge years, the spice is enjoying a prosperous comeback. Our organic pepper is grown on family farms in the Kampot region using traditional methods.

Single-Origin Late Harvest Peppercorns

These coveted peppercorns from the Quang Tri province of Vietnam ripen longer on the vine and are hand-sorted, creating a burgundy color and a complex, raisiny aroma. 

Single-Origin Piment d'Ville 

Locally grown and hand-harvested in Boonville, California, piment d'ville is a sweet and spicy red Basque chile -- the same variety of pepper as piment d'espelette. Use it as you would black pepper.

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