Single-Origin Late Harvest Peppercorns


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These coveted peppercorns from the Quang Tri province of Vietnam ripen longer on the vine and are hand-sorted, creating a burgundy color and a complex, raisiny aroma.

They are grown on land that has been de-mined through a program sponsored by Roots of Peace.

Ingredients: Fair Trade Black Peppercorns from Vietnam's Quang Tri Province

Net weight: 2.4 oz

About Single-Origin spices: Spices in our Single-Origin line come from a single place, whether it be a single farm, a small network of family farmers, or a small group of traditional foragers.

"I've found pepper to be the easiest and most straightforward way to improve any dish. Finding one that suits your palate is important for any home cook's arsenal. When I open a fresh jar of Late Harvest Peppercorns, I am struck with sweetness, which I have never experienced before in a peppercorn. It offers decent heat without being overwhelming, which gives you the opportunity to layer spices to create a more nuanced flavor profile." - Penny's Staff Picks, 2021