BBQ Master's Gift Box


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The weekends won't be the same once your favorite BBQ master has these ingredients in their kitchen!

Use the hot and savory Jamaican Jerk as a rub with salt or in a marinade blended with citrus, vinegar, salt, and dried habaneros. It's delicious on grilled chicken, but it also works wonders on roasted potatoes and other veggies.

Achieve Yucatecan flavor with the Carlito's Rojito Yucatán that combines the red color of annatto seed with citrus, onion, garlic and aromatic spices such as cloves.

Why limit the taste of the Everything Bagel to bagels alone? Our Better Than Everything Bagel blend adds a delightful pepper-garlic-fennel-ness to everything. Try it on grilled meats, roasted vegetables, eggs, salads, and even, yes, a bagel with cream cheese.

With a touch of sweetness and a Caribbean flair, St. Basil's Chop and Rib Rub adds a little kick to your favorite meats. This paprika-based blend has notes of allspice, nutmeg and sage plus sugar for a nice caramelized finish. Try rubbing on pork chops for the grill or the pan. Also use on ribs and chicken.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Jamaican Jerk, Carlito's Rojito Yucatán, Better Than Everything Bagel Spice, and St. Basil's Chop and Rib Rub. Each box is packed with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and includes recipe cards for Jamaican Jerk Marinade, Grilled Yucatan Shrimp, Roasted Squash with Better Than Everything Bagel, and Low and Slow BBQ Ribs.