Baker's Delight Gift Box


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A set of essentials for excellent baking! Do you know someone who loves to make cookies, cakes, and breads? This gift box is for them.

We grind the Vietnamese Cinnamon fresh in small batches to guarantee a potently hot, sweet and lingering cinnamon flavor. It has a more hot and spicy cinnamon flavor than the more mild Indonesian cinnamon.

Our Ground Ginger is freshly ground to bring out the bright citrus aromas. This versatile ingredient can be used in baking, curries, Chinese stir fry, and more. It might be the secret ingredient in a loaf of bread.

Perfect for baked goods or chocolate drinks, our Natural Cocoa Powder is organic and fair trade.

Our Orange Zest has all the tangy, sweet flavor of the fresh variety. Use it in baked goods, to flavor oatmeal or in rubs for meats or veggies.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Vietnamese Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Natural Cocoa Powder, and Orange Zest and is packed with cinnamon sticks and bay leaves.