Pink Peppercorn & Ginger Shortbread

Pink Peppercorn & Ginger Shortbread


  • Brooke Battles on

    These are now the favorite cookies for all of my neighbors! I get requests for them! They are so buttery and rich, yet the peppercorns and ginger create a bright zippiness that makes them feel so zesty.

  • Sally McLaughlin on

    I agree with all of reviewer Houlden’s suggestions. My dough was too dry and crumbled when I sliced the cookies. I thought I might try reducing the amount of flour adding an egg yolk next time. Good flavors, though.

  • Ole’B*tch Houlden on

    Howdy! I have made this recipe twice now, super yummy! I would say that both times I added in an additional 2Tablespoons of butter. Without this I couldn’t get the dough to come together to nicely roll into a log, it was just too dry. Also after cutting up the ginger I used a bit of the sugar for the recipe to toss the lil pieces in, they are so sticky otherwise and kind of clump together in the dough if not. One final thing is that if you have a smoother type mortar and pestle then it’s a bit challenging to get the peppercorns ground finely. To help break them down more I sprinkled in some of the sugar from the recipe for extra abrasion. Also the peppercorns are a lil bit oily when ground so the sugar did a good job of soaking all of that!

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