Vadouvan Cauliflower Red Lentil Soup

Vadouvan Cauliflower Red Lentil Soup


Vadouvan Cauliflower Red Lentil Soup

Vadouvan Cauliflower Red Lentil Soup


  • Evan on

    Hi Debra,

    Thanks for trying out the recipe! It is indeed 1 and 1/2 cups of lentils. This recipe does go a little light on the amount of spice than some of our other ones. If you want it to be a little more flavorful, I would recommend adding more Vadouvan, fresh herbs (think chives would be delicious) or chile flakes to spice it up a bit.

    Evan (they/them)
    Customer Success Lead
    Oaktown Spice Shop

  • Debra Abrams on

    Please tell me it is indeed 1 AND 1/2 cups lentils, not 1 – 1/2 CUP lentils? I doubled this not realizing how much it truly made on its own. So far, very bland, but adding some red curry paste as well, but now that I’ve added 3 cups of lentils, I’m nervous! Please confirm!

  • Lisa. on

    My new favorite soup and possibly my new favorite (savory) spice! A perfect dish on this windy, rainy night. Thank you Oaktown Spice Shop!

  • Melba on

    I use this spice mix, Vadouvan, as pretty much my go to for many dishes. I even use it in scrambled eggs or omelette. It’s amazing go to spice for stir fry Tofu and veggies. I use on meat dishes and in quinoa sometimes. Little or a lot depending on taste I’m looking to get. To the spice mix I sometimes add cumin or oregano or paprika, or salt and pepper; or chipotle chili powder to some dishes. Really amazing basic go to mix for me. I had to go by more. I’m in Southern California and make sure I visit the shop when on my regular visits to my sister’s home in East Bay. I have added it to my more simple garbanzo soup. I will try this lentil soup recipe. Love the addition of veggie in this soup recipe. Thank you.

  • Anne on

    A wonderful recipe. Goosed the amount of ginger and vadouvan, then partially stick-blended the result. Topped with fresh croutons fried in vadouvan and Aleppo spiced olive oil, thinly sliced shallots quick-pickled in pineapple vinegar, and parsley.

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