Flax-Chia Seed Crackers

Flax-Chia Seed Crackers


Flax-Chia Seed Crackers

Flax-Chia Seed Crackers


  • Olivia on

    Loved this recipe totally satisfied the crunchy chip cravings I baked at 350 with convection flipped about 35 mins into baking flipping is necessary I was going to skip this step thankful I didn’t … I turned the oven off after an hour total cook time and left the crackers in warm oven they came out perfectly dried and crunchy no burnt pieces

  • Erica Perez on

    Thanks for the review, Elena! It’s the time of year that I too will be making these again, and I will try using a new piece of parchment paper too.

  • Elena on

    I think the recipe is great. I soaked them, added my own spices like garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, used a cajun seasoning for the salt part. At the 30 min mark, I did flipp the entire thing over and carefully remove from parchment using a thin spatula. At this point I placed on new parchment as recommended. I would recommend using a pizza cutter at this point to cut into squares. Continued to bake additional 30 mins. Kept checking and removing the crispy outer ones, as they got done. Very good!

  • Dagmar on

    If you have it on parchment, flip the whole thing over onto a new piece of parchment on the pan. I also used a little bit of coconut flour to help bind the mixture as I found it to be a little loose.

  • Aveline Setyono on

    I tried this recipe and it was a disaster. Not sure how you can flip the crackers once midway without it falling apart. Only the edges were crispy. Any tips?

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