Hot Cajun Blackening Seasoning


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Blacken chicken or your favorite fish using 1-2 teaspoons per pound. Spice up vegetables, potatoes and eggs. Also great for Bloody Marys with a kick!

Hand-mixed from: Paprika, mustard powder, sea salt, garlic, black pepper, onion, Mexican oregano, cumin, caraway, crushed red pepper, cayenne, thyme, celery seed and bay leaves.

Net weight: 2.3 oz

Need a shaker top? We suggest one with large holes. Don't forget to add one to your cart!

Cajun Blackened Cauliflower Steaks with Salsa Verde
Cajun Red Beans and Rice
Spinach Salad with Blackened Chickpeas

"Every spice in this blend serves to amplify the smoky paprika, and make it a perfect match for anything that needs some toastiness. If you use it to blacken shrimp, chicken, or other meats, you'll get even more of that delectable charred quality, but my favorite way to use this spice is on vegetables that otherwise might bore me out of eating them. Cauliflower, zucchini, kale, and sweet potatoes are some of my favorites to roast with a heavy-handed shake of Hot Cajun." - Hannah's Staff Picks, 2021