California Chaat Masala


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We partnered with Nik Sharma to bring this California-inspired Chaat Masala spice blend to life.

In our blend, the traditional elements of Chaat Masala – funky, salty, smoky and tangy – come together with notes of dill and omani lime for a Golden State twist. 

Chaat Masala is essential for seasoning chaat – Indian snack foods that combine spicy, sweet, and sour flavors with a multitude of textures. 

It’s also delicious on beans, grilled meats, seafood, and veggies.

Our California Chaat Masala gets its savory, sulfurous aroma from kala namak – Indian black salt – and its tangy notes from amchoor, dried unripe mango.

Net weight: 2 oz.

Hand-mixed from: Kala namak salt, black cumin, coriander, ajwain, black pepper, amchoor, ginger, Kashmiri chile, smoked paprika, dill weed, asafoetida, omani lime and cloves.

Need a shaker top? We suggest one with small holes. Don't forget to add one to your cart!


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