Single-Origin Wild Asafoetida Powder


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The scent of this plant resin when raw is unpleasant; hence the nickname "devil's dung." But when cooked, it transforms into a buttery onion-garlic flavor. Used mainly in Indian cooking with lentils or vegetables.

Ingredients: Organic Rice Flour (used to aid in processing), Asafoetida Resin, Organic Turmeric.

Net weight: 1.3 oz

About Single-Origin spices: Spices in our Single-Origin line come from a single place, whether it be a single farm, a small network of family farmers, or a small group of traditional foragers.

Ghee-licious Moong Dal
Masala Khichadi

"A must-have for allium fanatics and for the allium allergic. When tempered in some oil, this resinous spice changes in smell and creates a flavor likened and complimentary to garlic and onions. I am a fan of funky flavors and smells, so I consider the scent of the asafoetida enjoyable. Some people will be averse to its potent smell, but If you can get past that initial hurdle, asafoetida can become your new secret weapon to punch up the funkiness, savory-ness, and umami-ness in any dish, in any cuisine." - Penny's Staff Picks, 2021