Amchoor Powder


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Deliver a delicious sour flavor with amchoor -- ground from dried unripe green mangoes. A staple in certain Indian curries, amchoor can also be used as you would use lemon or vinegar -- wherever you want that tartness. Try it in salad dressing, on potatoes or yogurt. It's high in citric acid with a nice fruity flavor.

Ingredients: Mango.

Net weight: 2.4 oz

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Chana Masala
Grilled Spiced Chicken Salad with Amchur

"A mainstay in Indian cuisine, amchoor (or amchur) is created from pulverizing unripe, dried mangos. The result is tart, citrusy, and a little musky. I find myself reaching for it often when I need to add some tang to a dish: a great substitute for dried apricots in a stew or tamarind in a salsa. You can even combine it with your favorite chiles and a pinch of salt to make a homemade Tajín. Add towards the end of cooking to get a full representation of its flavor." - Ray's Staff Picks, 2021