Long Pepper


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Although you won't find long pepper in too many recipes, it's worth trying for a twist on your everyday black pepper. The heat of long pepper is slow and lingering, rather than a quick punch. Its flavor has sweet hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Pair it with asparagus, mushrooms or on strawberries or mango. Crush it in a mortar and pestle, grate it with a Microplane or grind it in a sturdy pepper grinder.

Net weight: 1.8 oz

"As a vegetarian, counteracting blandness is what led me to Oaktown Spice in the first place. I make a satay sauce by combining peanut butter and coconut milk, but my secret ingredient is long pepper. Long pepper has a lasting heat that changes on its journey over my tongue. It's a hot bite at first that ends with a brighter, citrusy taste. It sure saves my sauce from becoming boring, and it plays nicely with many additional ingredients." - Mayona's Staff Picks, 2021