Avocado Toast Gift Box


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Avocado toast is going strong and we're here for it! This zippy set of four original spice blends will upgrade your avocado toast into the ultimate breakfast treat.

Umami: the fifth taste! In our Umami Sea Salt we use black garlic and shiitake mushrooms to achieve umami rich flavor. This salt will enhance the flavor of meats, soups and salads.

A versatile blend with many incarnations, Za'atar can be used as a simple condiment with olive oil for dipping bread or baked on flat bread. It features the tartness of sumac and the nutty flavor of sesame seeds. Try on yogurt, hummus, salads and more.

Bombay Orange is a bright, flavorful seasoning that adds pizzazz to everyday cooking. Coriander, fennel and orange zest add citrusy pop while chile and onion round out the savory notes. Use it to spice up eggs, roasted vegetables and grilled meats. It's delicious in hot oil over raita.

Eastern Mediterranean Spice, a Turkish-inspired blend, is a delicious way to season Mediterranean-style lamb, eggs and seasonal salads. Whisk it into dressings, sprinkle on potatoes or veggies before roasting or use it to season salmon or shrimp.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Umami Sea Salt, Za'atar, Bombay Orange, and Eastern Mediterranean Spice.