Tacos al Gusto Gift Box


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Spice up your taco night with two of our favorite blends, paired together in this charming gift box duo.

Achieve Yucatecan flavor with the Carlito's Rojito Yucatán that combines the red color of annatto seed with citrus, onion, garlic and aromatic spices such as cloves.

For slow-cooked pork shoulder or chicken, combine Carlito's with lime juice and rub the meat to coat. You could also create a distinctive marinade for flank or skirt steak by combining the spice with Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, and onion before grilling the meat to perfection.

The Chile Limón combines the heat of the chile with the tartness of lime juice, an accent of citrus from coriander, plus a touch of sea salt. Try it out in this delicious mango salsa recipe.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Carlito's Rojito Yucatán and Chile Limón and a recipe card for Grilled Yucatan Shrimp.