Sea Salt Collection


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This selection of our most coveted salts is the perfect gift for the cook who has everything! These salts can be used to layer complex seasoning into dishes or as finishing salts.

Umami: the fifth taste! We use black garlic and shiitake mushrooms to achieve umami rich flavor in our Umami Sea Salt. This salt will enhance the flavor of meats, soups and salads.

The Cyprus Citron Lemon Flake Sea Salt is a beautiful yellow sea salt that is infused with citron and lemon, making it a perfect way to finish a dish with acid and salt. The large, flat flakes crumble easily between your fingers. Use as a finishing salt on salads, tomatoes, avocados, cocktails and even ice cream.

Fleur de Sel is an artisanal salt, hand-harvested from the top layer of the salt marshes. Use it as a finishing salt on meats, salads, vegetables or chocolates.

The Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is Pacific sea salt that is smoked over true Applewood at low temperatures, giving it a natural smoky flavor. Get the taste of the grill by sprinkling a dash over roasted vegetables or pan-seared steaks. Try it on ripe avocado or a fried egg. For smoky popcorn, grind it a bit in the mortar and pestle and sprinkle.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Umami Sea Salt, Cyprus Citron Lemon Flake Sea Salt, Fleur de Sel, and Applewood Smoked Sea Salt.

Each box is packed with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks.