Introducing: Two New Spice-Forward Teas!

Introducing: Two New Spice-Forward Teas!

Fire up the teapot and break out your cutest mugs, because we are excited to launch two new hand-mixed, deliciously spiced teas!

Developed in-house by Marissa Marie Speer of Many Flowers Medicine. 


Turmeric Spice Tea Blend: The earthy flavor and healing properties of turmeric mingle with the sweet spiciness of ginger, cinnamon and much more in this warming caffeine-free blend.

Herbal Coffee Tea Blend: An aromatic, roasty and naturally sweet blend perfect for hitting the coffee notes without the high caffeine level.

About Many Flowers Medicine: Many Flowers Medicine is a California-based botanical company offering handcrafted products made from quality herbs and spices. Their inspiration comes from an education in Clinical Western herbalism, work with culinary herbs and spices and the beauty and aroma of the plants themselves.