Tadka Tarot Card Deck (Pickup Only)

The Deck is an introduction to the real Indian food story — go beyond tikka masala and explore a cuisine that is as diverse as it is delicious. It's the perfect gift for both the novice and expert cooks who appreciate beautiful visuals and handy kitchen tips. 


28 vegetable cards with classic and contemporary Indian recipes

25 spice cards with flavor pairings, tips, and tricks

3 bonus cards, including how to make your own spice blends, a simple formula for cooking Indian food, and more

About Tadka Tarot from Ariha Setalvad, founder: 

Way back in April, my sister was laughed out of her local vegetable market for being unable to identify a single vegetable. The lockdown in Bombay had severely curtailed her habit of eating out, and like so many others, she'd resigned herself to learning how to cook. But she had no idea where to begin — how did one pick a ripe tomato? What were the little black seeds in her spice cabinet?

To try and help, I put together a spice cheat sheet with pictures and basic instructions. Fast forward six months, a dozen spreadsheets, and many sleepless nights — and that janky spice sheet is now Tadka Tarot. Welcome! We see delicious things in your future.

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