Single-Origin Gift Box

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Our single-origin spices are a special line of hard-to-find spices with their own unique stories and provenance. Each single-origin spice comes from a single place, whether it be a single farm, a small network of family farmers, or a small group of traditional foragers. This gift box highlights four of our favorites from this line, perfect for the food-lover who wants their ingredients to be extra small-batch and have a sense of place.

The Single-Origin Cured Sumac from Gaziantep, Turkey, is chopped fresh and packed in salt to preserve it, creating a bright, sour and salty flavor. Sprinkle on grilled meats, vegetables or salads or infuse in a beverage.

This special Single-Origin Heirloom Turmeric is from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in India and is sourced by a queer, woman-of-color owned business that was founded in an effort to put money and power in the hands of Indian farmers and to create change and justice through food. Plus, it has a delicate earthy flavor that we love.

Harvested off the Humboldt coast in Northern California, this flaky, briny Single-Origin Humboldt Sea Salt has no additives or chemicals. It's the perfect seasoning for salads, eggs, toasts, and is even delicious sprinkled on a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

With an earthy aroma, peppery tone and bold flavor, black Single-Origin Penja Pepper is found exclusively on the volcanic land of Penja in Cameroon.

Contains 1/2 cup jars of Single-Origin Cured Sumac, Single-Origin Diaspora Heirloom Turmeric, Single-Origin Humboldt Flake Salt, Single-Origin Penja Peppercorns.

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