Citrus Marmalade with Piment d'Ville Chile (Pickup Only)

Made from Piment d’Ville and California grown oranges and lemons, this marmalade is balanced in flavor and finishes with the right amount of heat.

This Citrus and Chile Marmalade is perfect on a cheese plate, as a glaze on meats, and is a great gateway for folks to get hooked on our Piment d'Ville

About Boonville Barn Collective: We grow, dry, and grind chile peppers into high quality spices using sustainable agricultural techniques to produce healthy food without compromising future generations' ability to do the same. Located 100 miles north of San Francisco our farm is Renegade certified. In addition to peppers we grow a mix of heirloom Italian dry beans, produce olive oil from our 500 olive trees, and grow strawberries for those lucky enough to live in or stop through the Anderson Valley in the summer. 

The farm started in 2012 with the aim of producing California’s own Espelette pepper. Since then, we’ve diversified the farm, adding a few new crops and peppers, and became the Boonville Barn Collective in 2020. 

SIZE: 2.4oz jar

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