Crunchy Garlic Chili Oil, O.G. Batch (Pickup Only)

ZinDrew Chili is a crunchy garlic chili oil. This chili oil is like no other chili oil you have ever tasted. It is crunchy, savory, spicy and garlicky. 

Spicy Level: Mild

Size: 8.12 fl oz (240 g)

About ZinDrew: It all started when Zin (the chili lover) ran out of chili oil at home. Instead of buying the typical chili oil from the market, Andrew decided to make his own. After experimenting with different ingredients, they came up with the perfect recipe. Initially Andrew and Zin had no intentions to sell the chili oil. After sharing their creation with friends and family, it was a hit!

The unique, delicious taste and heavy garlic flavor, could not be bought anywhere.
That is when the Husband and Wife decided to bottle their ZinDrew Chili and spread the love to everyone.

This item is not available for shipping.

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