Chamomile Bitters (Pickup Only)

Chamomile is a lovely bittersweet flower with a cornucopia of uses in herbal remedies. Many Flowers Medicine draws on chamomile's delicious flavor and bitter constituents to create a bitter formula that can be used in your home bar or added to teas, sparkling water, or simply enjoyed by the drop.

Using herbs and spices from Oaktown Spice Shop including cardamom, cubeb peppercorns, and chamomile, the flavor is piney, camphorous, sweet, bright and floral. When dropped directly on the tongue the pine flavor is dominant, followed by the floral and sweet Chamomile flavor. When diluted in drinks, the delicate sweetness of the chamomile blooms and rounds out the flavors.

Pair with citrus, add to your Old Fashioned, Manhattan, etc. Use to aid digestion, and encourage relaxation.

1 oz glass bottle with glass dropper top.

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