Cardamom, Ground


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The delicate and floral flavor of green cardamom lends warmth to pastries and other desserts. The pungent and camphor tones also make this spice a key ingredient in Turkish coffee or Chai Masala.

Net weight: 1.1 oz

Panko-Crusted Cauliflower and Coconut Curry

"This is one of my favorite flavors in desserts. I LOVE the floral, pungent smell of cardamom. I've used it in baklava, ice creams and cakes. My favorite way to use it is in a "fruity pebbles" whipped cream (dairy or non-dairy) combined with Saigon cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla extract and/or vanilla bean powder (for that beautiful bean speckle!), a sweetener, and fresh orange and lemon zest and juice." - Crisselle's Staff Picks, 2020