Our Partners

An evolving list of restaurants, bars and makers (bakers, brewers, bacon-makers and more!) that use our spices. Contact us at info@oaktownspiceshop.com if you're interested in setting up an account!

Restaurants and Bars 

1888 Coffee | Oakland, CA
Abura-Ya | Oakland, CA
Aisle 5 | Oakland, CA
American Oak | Alameda, CA
Arizmendi Bakery | Oakland, CA
Bacheesos | Oakland, CA
Bamboo Asia | San Francisco, CA
Bar Mood International | Taipei, Taiwan
Barcha | San Francisco, CA
Bavel | Los Angeles, CA
Baygreens Salad | Oakland, CA
Beloved Cafe | San Francisco, CA
Benchmark Pizza | Berkeley, CA
Bestia | Los Angeles, CA
Blind Tiger | Oakland, CA
Blue Bottle Coffee | Oakland, CA
Boot & Shoe Service | Oakland, CA
Britt Marie's Wine Bar | Albany, CA
Bull Valley Roadhouse | Port Costa, CA
Cafe Umami | Oakland, CA
Cheeseboard Collective | Berkeley, CA
Chez Panisse | Berkeley, CA
Coco and the Cellar Bar | Easthampton, MA
Coin-Op | San Francisco, CA
Copper Spoon | Oakland, CA
Cosecha | Oakland, CA
Danville Harvest | Danville, CA
Delfina | San Francisco, CA
Dosa by Dosa | Oakland, CA
Double Standard | Oakland, CA
Duende | Oakland, CA
Farley's Coffee | Oakland, CA
Filippo's | Oakland, CA
Fish | Sausalito, CA
Forage Kitchen | Oakland, CA
Four Seasons Hotel | San Francisco, CA
Frances | San Francisco, CA
Grand Lake Kitchen | Oakland, CA
Hal's Office | Albany, CA
Henry's | Berkeley, CA
Hither | Ashland, OR
Hog's Apothecary | Oakland, CA
Hotsy Totsy | Albany, CA
Ippudo | Berkeley, CA
Jasmine Blossom | Emeryville, CA
Juanita and Maude | Albany, CA
Julie's | Oakland, CA
Kebabery | Oakland, CA
La Marcha | Berkeley, CA
Limewood | Berkeley, CA
Locanda | San Francisco, CA
Lord George | San Francisco, CA
Lovely's at the Lodge | Oakland, CA
Lungomare | Oakland, CA
Miss Ollie's | Oakland, CA
Mister Bolenca | Berkeley, CA
Modern Coffee | Oakland, CA
Nido | Oakland, CA
Noon All Day | San Francisco, CA
Octavia | San Francisco, CA
Orbit Room | San Francisco, CA
Organic Greens | Oakland, CA
Paradiso | San Leandro, CA
Parlour | Oakland, CA
Penrose | Oakland, CA
Perch Coffeehouse | Oakland, CA
Pizzaiolo | Oakland, CA
Poca Madre | Washington, DC
Ramen Shop | Oakland, CA
Rasa Caffe | Berkeley, CA
Spruce | San Francisco, CA
Rivoli | Berkeley, CA
Rooftop Restaurant | Walnut Creek, CA
Room 389 | Oakland, CA
Roses' Taproom | Oakland, CA
Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen | Berkeley, CA
Sequoia Diner | Oakland, CA
Shakewell | Oakland, CA
SHED  | Healdsburg, CA
Shiba Ramen | Oakland, CA
Shinmai | Oakland, CA
Sidebar | Oakland, CA
Sons of Liberty Alehouse | San Leandro, CA
Starline Social Club | Oakland, CA
Tartine Manufactory | San Francisco, CA
The Butcher's Son | Berkeley, CA
The Cat House | Oakland, CA
The Gastropig | Oakland, CA
The Grove | San Francisco, CA
The Treasury | San Francisco, CA
The Wing | San Francisco, CA
The Wolf | Oakland, CA
Three Stone Hearth | Berkeley, CA
Two Local Girls | Oakland, CA
Zaytoon | Albany, CA



Andytown Coffee Roasters | San Francisco, CA
Angel Cakes | Oakland, CA
Barons Quality Meats | Alameda and San Francisco, CA
Black Earth Botanica | Oakland, CA
Broth Baby | Oakland, CA
Country Grill | Bay Area, CA
Craftsman Brewing | Pasadena, CA
Endorfin Foods | Berkeley, CA
Faction Brewing | Alameda, CA
Far Leaves Tea | Berkeley, CA
Firebrand Artisan Breads | Oakland, CA
Fournée Bakery | Berkeley, CA
Good Eggs (Dinner Kits) | Bay Area, CA
Humphry Slocombe | Oakland and San Francisco, CA
INNA Jam | Emeryville, CA
La Negra's Ice Cream Company | San Francisco, CA
Lakshmi Lassi & Chai | San Rafael, CA
Leaves & Flowers | Berkeley, CA
Little Apple Treats | Sebastopol, CA
Mothers Know Best Kombucha | Oakland, CA
Nana Joes Granola | San Francisco, CA
Oakland Spirit Company | Oakland, CA
Pablito's Micheladas | Oakland, CA
Peter's Kettle Corn | Oakland, CA
Pietisserie | Oakland, CA
Slow Brine
Starter Bakery | Berkeley, CA
Teance Fine Teas | Berkeley, CA
The Baconer | Berkeley, CA
The Candy | Oakland, CA
The Lemon Girl | Oakland, CA
Two Chicks in the Mix | Oakland, CA


Refill Bags Ship for Free!

Now it's even easier to stock up on your pantry staples or try out new flavors! Refill bags of all our spices now ship for free, even if you order just one. 

Click on the size menu and choose the "1/2 cup bag" option from the drop down menu to find the refill bag.