Madagascar Vanilla Powder


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Vanilla powder comes from vanilla beans that have been sun-cured and dried to remove nearly all of the moisture in the pod, and then ground to a fine powder.

Try vanilla powder as a convenient and delicious addition to baked goods, spice rubs, coffee, tea, specialty drinks, smoothies and dry mixes. It can be used in many recipes as a substitute for vanilla beans or vanilla extract.

To replace extract, use half the amount. (1/2 teaspoon ground vanilla = 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)

Ingredients: Ground Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

Net weight: 1 oz

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"This spice is certainly a splurge, but I would say worth it for the avid baker, especially those who can't pick up extracts at our local stores. (Hi, Midwest and East Coast friends of the Spice Shop!) Comprised of ground vanilla beans, vanilla powder is a super potent way to get those beautiful vanilla bean flecks in your confections without the pressure and cost of a fresh bean. I also love a touch of this powder mixed into my coffee grounds for a vanilla latte-esque drink when I'm feeling fancy or need a boost." - Hannah's Staff Picks, 2021