Eastern Mediterranean Spice


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This Turkish-inspired blend is a delicious way to season Mediterranean-style lamb, eggs and seasonal salads. Whisk it into dressings, sprinkle on potatoes or veggies before roasting or use it to season salmon or shrimp.

Hand-mixed from: Cumin, garlic, black pepper, sumac, urfa biber chile flakes, dill weed, spearmint, lemon zest and salt.

Net weight: 1.9 oz

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"A little spicy, a little salty, and a little sour, this blend hits all the marks for me. I love it for its balanced versatility that allows me to shake it vigorously on salmon before searing, squash before roasting, or lamb before grilling for takeout-worthy meals I can make at home. But by far my favorite way to use this spice is to mix it with olive oil and brush (liberally) on flatbread dough before baking. The aromatics will bloom in the hot fat as the bread bakes, and turn your quarantine baking habit up a notch." - Hannah's Staff Picks, 2021