Dandelion Chocolate Bar - Hazienda Azul, Costa Rica (Pickup Only)

The beans for this bar come from Hacienda Azul, a single estate just north of Turrialba in central Costa Rica. The cacao trees on the estate grow in a diversified agroforestry system surrounded by jungle flora in a biodiverse habitat. The beans come from six genetic types of trees selected by CATIE—a nearby cocoa germplasm and research institute—that are especially high yielding and disease resistant. These agricultural traits are excellent for producers, but don’t always go hand-in-hand with good flavor. In this case, we’re very excited that they do.

The beans are roasted at different temperatures to create a dynamic range of flavors highlighting the beans’ intrinsic sweetness. 

Tasting Notes: chocolate almond biscotti, and buttery caramel

Bar Weight: 2oz/56g

This item is not available for shipping. 

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