California Soul Collection


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We teamed up with Tanya Holland, author of California Soul and acclaimed chef, to bring you a set of three essential spice blends to use for making comfort-filled, modern soul food. 

A complex, spicy and aromatic blend of chiles and spices, Berbere is one of the essential components of Ethiopian cooking. In Ethiopia, making authentic Berbere is a weeks-long endeavor steeped in cultural tradition. Each family has its own recipe. Our version is a shortcut that comes as close as we could to the authentic flavor in an easy-to-use blend for Ethiopian cooking at home.

Blacken chicken or your favorite fish using 1-2 teaspoons of our Hot Cajun Blackening Seasoning per pound. Spice up vegetables, potatoes and eggs. Also great for Bloody Marys with a kick!

A blend truly fit for a king, Ras el Hanout translates to "Head of the Shop," which really equates to the best of everything! Use this intricate mix of over 20 ingredients to season chicken or lamb tagines or scent your rice or couscous with a pinch or two. 

Contains: 1/2 cup bags of Berbere, Hot Cajun Blackening Spice and Ras el Hanout. Includes Tanya Holland's recipe for North African Spiced Oxtails.