Rollicking Rubs Gift Box


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The spices in this box will enable the casual or the gourmet cook to season chicken, ribs, steak, and roasts with ease. Just sprinkle and grill, roast, bake or saute.

Grand Lake Shake is rich, peppery, salty and a wee bit sweet. Rub liberally on meat or poultry, or shake into dips, on potatoes or eggs. Also try in your Bloody Mary instead of celery salt. White pepper, onion and a touch of mustard round out the flavors on this classic blend.

Blacken chicken or your favorite fish using 1-2 teaspoons of Hot Cajun Blackening Seasoning per pound. Spice up vegetables, potatoes and eggs. Also great for Bloody Marys with a kick!

With a touch of sweetness and a Caribbean flair, our St. Basil's BBQ Chop and Rib Rub seasoning adds a little kick to your favorite meats. This paprika-based blend has notes of allspice, nutmeg and sage plus sugar for a nice caramelized finish. Try rubbing on pork chops for the grill or the pan. Also use on ribs and chicken.

Whether you're grilling or pan-frying your steak or chop, our Montreal Steak and Chop seasoning gives every bite a good dose of pepper and garlic. With notes of green onion, dill seed and oregano, this blend may become your favorite season-all. Use liberally.

Includes 1/2 cup jars of Grand Lake Shake, Hot Cajun Blackening, St. Basil's BBQ Chop and Rib Rub, and Montreal Steak and Chop. Each box is packed with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and comes with recipe cards for Slow Roast Prime Rib, Bloody Mary, and Low and Slow BBQ Ribs.