Buttery Hummus with Zahtar and Challah

Recipe courtesy Mezze & Dolce


1 15-ounce can chickpeas or 2 cups cooked chickpeas
6 tbsp (3/4 stick) butter, cut into small pieces
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 large clove garlic, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp Zahtar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp hot water
Loaf of Challah


Add cooked chickpeas, butter, garlic, oil, lemon juice, cumin, hot water, salt and pepper and blend in food processor until smooth and creamy (up to 4 minutes). Adjust seasoning (garlic, cumin, salt, etc.). Place hummus in a bowl to serve and sprinkle with Zahtar. Serve with Challah. 

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