September 17th: DIY Bone Broth (OAKLAND)

September 17th: DIY Bone Broth (OAKLAND)

Join Certified Nutrition Consultant, Lila Volkas, to bring you a workshop on the best ways to make bone broth at home! We’ll taste through a broth bar with homemade broth and toppings so you can try a variety of exciting and new ways to enjoy bone broth.

Additionally, Lila will talk extensively about the nutritional benefits of bone broth. It is known for its role in supporting your gut, joints, immune system and more! Get insights into how the health benefits of consuming bone broth work and receive everything you need to know to make it successfully at home.  

Participants will take home all of the recipes shared in the class and will receive a 10% discount on any in-store purchases made after the class! (Discount is valid the night of the workshop only.)

About the instructor:

Hello! I'm Lila. I am a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, food writer and illustrator based in Berkeley. I believe food can be our best medicine. I have experienced profound affect on my health from shifting what I eat. It is a pleasure to work with clients and teach workshops because it allows me to connect with others and help them deepen their relationship with what they put in their body. We are what we eat but also what we absorb. With this in mind, I will let  you in on the secrets to optimize digestion and make it easy for your body to fully benefit from all the nutrients that you need to be healthy.

When: September 17th, 2019; 7:15pm - 8:45pm

Where: 546 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA

Tickets are available on eventbrite!

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